Revolutionary feelings.

I know that feeling like if you were breaking down..
When you feel completly out of place; you simply just feel like you don't belong & no one understands you.

 The only thing that crosses you mind is to runaway from everything. From the fears, the problems, the stupid lies & the big fake smiles..

You want to be alone. You 'lock' yourself in your room, you turn the music on so loud because all these feelings are suddenly rushing through your vains; you're SCARED; SAD; MAD; FUSTRATED!! you just want to scream, cry.. But sometimes ,you're feeling so much pain, it's too damn difficult to leave it out.

 In that moment nothing feels like if it's in the right place.. you feel hurt, lost, left out in the dark, scary world all alone..

It's like somebody just kicked your guts on and on and on.. Pushed you around time after time until it gets to that point were you reach the edge of breaking down & there is so much pain , you can't feel anything but still hear your heart shouting despertaly ' HELP! HELP! HELP ME! ' but no one's there to save you.

 But then, you just get too tired of draging yourself around; So you decide to get up and fight. Fight until your last breath, fight for that chance of happiness.

You then turn around to walk you path and realise that somehow, you're not alone, somebody is there, somebody will always be there, and I can asure you , that somebody is me.

 24/7 ( the 24 hours of the 7 days of the week) I'm there, because you know what? I know that feeling. And yes, the best help you can ever have is your own, but at the end of the day, it's always nice to have someone there for you, for any tiny little thning you may need. 
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