-You are..
-Are what?
-No i'm not.
-Yes indeed, you are.
-Am I?
-Are you?
-No you're not.
-Yes, I am.
-Am I?
-Are you?
-You are.
-Yes? But..
-Am I?
-Are you?
-Mmmm.. NO! NO!HELL NO!

You see this? Coming up with the decesion  about something, ANYTHING can be too damn difficult. First is a YES, then a NO ,then a MAYBE, then a WHATEVER... too confusing!
But you know what? I see it this way:
This whole thing is like a play. Doesn't matter how bad the rehersals go, the process of creation, of idetenfication, etc. All you gotta' do is have it right for the final act. It's all that matters.

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