The Door.

Chose your door.  
The one that opens up your path, your life. The one that has everything figured out the way YOU wanted to be.

 But when that moment comes, the moment where you have to decide something that could change your life FOREVER, your mind goes CRAZY. You  start asking yourself so many questions:
What door? Which one? Why that one? Where is it hedded to?

 So let me tell you something I hear a lot:  
'Try thinking mostly with you heart.' 
And why not, a little with your head to avoid making a
HUGE mistake.

 But you know, if you actually think about it, you can always go back and open another door. 

Yeah, you would waste some of your time, but hey;  

Everybody makes mistakes to be happy.
That's what life's all about. 

 So just chose one. How bad can it be? It's life; It's already too complicated, so do yourself a favour and don't complicate it anymore.

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